To the Applicant /


  Tution fee for an academic year is 360000 drams

In case of equal points the advantage is given to:

  1. Medalist applicants of secondary schools
  2. Applicants with higher points in "Speciality"
  3. Applicants with high achievements in sport
  4. Applicants with an average appreciation in the GCSE.
  5. The competition in paid system is carried out according to the faculties.


  The applicants must pay 1500 drams for each examination.

 If the applicant doesn't come to the examination "Speciality", he is deprived of the right to take examination.

Besides application it is necessary to present the following documents

  1. School-leaving certificate (original) or a statement from the headmaster
  2. 6 photos (3X4)
  3. Document associated with military service. Applicants demobilized from the compulsory military service, represent a reference from the military commission for military service.
  4. Military identification card (original and copy)
  5. Identity card (original and copy)

For more information, contact the Institute at the following address:

  11 A.Manukyan, Yerevan, RA

  Tel.: 55-04-53

  1. Application
  2. Application directed to the RA Education and Science Minister, mentioning the University and profession
  3. The copy of the passport with Armenian translation and confirmed by a notary.
  4. The copy of the birth certificate with Armenian translation and confirmed by a notary.
  5. The copy of education certificate with Armenian translation and confirmed by a notary.
  6. Reference of residence
  7. Photo (3x4cm, 6 copies)
  8. Certificates of Sport achievements
  9. Document of military registration
  10. Medical information about health
  The documents are admitted from July 1 to August 20.

The documents are admitted for:

  1. attending preparatory courses (from June 6 to December 25)
  2. studying in the 1st course (from July 6 to October 1)
  3. studying by postgraduate program (from July 6 to October 25)
  4. studying in the department of distance learning (from July 6 to October 10)

The annual tuition fee of the Armenian diaspora and foreign applicants.

  • for foreign postgraduates 800000 AMD /stationary/ , long distance 600000 AMD
  • for foreign students of Master’s degree 650000 AMD
  • for foreign students of Bachelor’s degree 500000 AMD
  • for foreign students in the long distance education 400000 AMD
for Armenian students, Master’s degree and post-graduates of CIS countries and diaspora, in the size of the annual tuition fee set for the given year of the institute.

The fee for preparation courses is:

  • for foreign applicants - 300000 AMD
  • for Armenian applicants of CIS and diaspora - 150000 AMD

For necessary information call

  Tel: 55-33-10 /1-22/, 077-529-377