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In 2000 in Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, in the chair of theory and methodology of physical education, a department of sport journalism was formed, which in 2003 was reformed as a chair of sport journalism and chess. The chair has actively performing in scientific practical field since the day of its foundation.

The classes taught in a chair of sport journalism and chess include all basic fields and directions of printed, radio and TV broadcasting and network journalism (various periods of Armenian press , introductory of journalism, journalistic genres, mass media and legislation, journalistic ethics, the peculiarities of network journalism development etc.). Constantly attention is paid to development trends of local and foreign modern press, interesting manifestations of journalism – management interrelations.

The chair has published dozens of specialized books and methodical articles, has translated specialized books. The lecturers of the chair actively take part in facultative, University, inter institutional and international conferences, specialized seminars and workshops. Their reports and articles are regularly printed in republican and international magazines and collections.

During last years the chair watches the scientific acquisitions of sport journalism and other sport professions.

Today the chair has a specialized auditorium provided by modern techniques and equipments, necessary for the chair material and literature


Sharoyan Roland

  Date of birth: 11.08.1952
  Tel: + 3741055 3310 1-06



  • 1970-1974 - Armenian State University, Philological Faculty, department of Journalism
    Qualification - Bachelor’s degree

Professional experience

  • 2003-up to now - Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture
    (Now- Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport)
    Position – Head of Sport journalism and chess sub-faculty
  • 1993-up to now - General editor of weekly journal "Sport world"
  • 1998-2003 - RA Culture, Youth and Sport Minister
  • 1986-1994 - Journal "Garun"
    Position – Head of the department
  • 1977-1986 - Journal "Tsitsernak"
    Position – Head of Editorial department
  • 1976-1977 - State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting
    Position – General editor of youth programs
  • 1975-1976 - "Yerevan" TV studio
    Position – Film director

Creative activity

  • Since 1979 his novels, stories, essay Collections, journalistic works and manuals have been published.
    He is an author of 21 books.
    His works were translated into German, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Georgian.

Awards and Titles

  • 1987 - A laureate of Armenian Young Communist League prize in the field of literature and journalism
  • 1982 – A prizewinner of RA Writers Union
  • Honor medal holder of worldwide committee of Pan-Armenian Games
  • International film Festival "Gold Apricot"
  • Gold medalist of RA Ministry of Culture
  • "UNESCO"
  • Medalist of "Federico Fellini"
  • 2003 - A laureate of Pan-Armenian "Vahagn" prize in the field of literature and Art
  • 2005 - Title of RA physical culture and sport honored worker
  • 2007 - Diploma of President of RA
  • 2015 - "Movses Khorenaci Medalist"

Hakobyan Gagik




Akopyan Ervand




Kharabakhcyan Spartak




Muradyan Gohar




Bagհdasaryan Arevhat




Grigoryan Janna




Martirosyan Hasmik




Varujan Sharoyan


Technical editor


Taguhi Manukyan


Lab worker

Genres of Journalism Theory of Journalism

  1. Creative Work
  2. Fundamentals of Sports Journalism
  3. Textology
  4. History of Armenian Journalism
  5. Formation of Journalism
  6. TV and Radio commentary
  7. News Journalism
  8. Investigative Journalism
  9. Sport in Culture
  10. Eco journalism Rhetoric
  11. Management
  12. Modern Technology and Journalism
  13. Media and politics Sports Journalist in Emergency Situations

Theory of Journalism

  1. Sports Terminology
  2. Journalistic skills
  3. Stylistics
  4. History of Foreign Journalism
  5. Chess
  6. Radio and TV Journalism
  7. Investigative journalism
  8. Translation
  9. Rhetoric
  10. Online Journalism
  11. Modern problems of Sports Journalism
  12. Sports journalist in extreme situations
  13. Media and Legislation, Media and Democracy

Psychological factors stipulating the reliability of referee’s activity (on the example of football)

Modern stage of program policy of Armenian television

Journalistic Investigation