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Sport pedagogy and management

«Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport » foundation started its educational activity with one faculty: pedagogical. The dean of the faculty was appointed well known athlete, coach- pedagogue M. Gutov.

In 1961 the second faculty was founded - training faculty. The dean was appointed experienced specialist, the head of sport games chair A. Oganov.

During years the following people have worked as deans in two faculties: associate professors G. Safarov, R. Hakobyan, professors K. Manukyan, G. Azizyan, Ch. Janyan and V. Arakelyan.

In 2004 the training pedagogical faculty was founded, which in 2016 was renamed to «Sport pedagogy and management». Now the faculty is led by PhD of pedagogy, associate professor G. Sargsyan.

During years the graduates of the faculty have been champions of Europe, World and Olympic games, honored figures, honored coaches of physical culture and sport, double champions of CIS countries etc.

The faculty prepares bachelors of pedagogy in the field of physical culture and sport.

In 2017-2018 academic year 725students are studying in the faculty, from which free of charge - 210students, paying system – 515 students.